SVP PEPR Cybersécurité

PEPR Cybersecurity Security Verification Protocol

Publication :

  • Recent work by Adrien Koutsos and his co-authors received the Distinguished Paper Award at IEEE CSF 2022 (part of FLOC):
    Cracking the Stateful Nut: Computational Proofs of Stateful Security Protocols using the SQUIRREL Proof Assistant
    with D. Baelde, S. Delaune, A. Koutsos and S. Moreau.
    The pre-print is available on HAL here.
  • Themis: an On-Site Voting System with Systematic Cast-as-intended Verification and Partial Accountability.
    Mikaël Bougon, Hervé Chabanne, Véronique Cortier, Alexandre Debant, Emmanuelle Dottax, Jannik Dreier, Pierrick Gaudry, and Mathieu Turuani. In 25th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS’22), ACM, Los Angeles, United States, 2022.
  • Hash Gone Bad: Automated discovery of protocol attacks that exploit hash function weaknesses. Vincent Cheval, Cas Cremers, Alexander Dax, Lucca Hirschi, Charlie Jacomme and Steve Kremer. Usenix Security 2023
  • A comprehensive, formal and automated analysis of the EDHOC protocol. Charlie Jacomme, Elise Klein, Steve Kremer and Maïwenn Racouchot. Usenix Security 2023.
  • Formal Analysis of Session-Handling in Secure Messaging: Lifting Security from Sessions to Conversations. Cremers, Cas and Jacomme, Charlie and Naska, Aurora. USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security), 2023.
  • One vote is enough for analysing privacy. Stéphanie Delaune and Joseph Lallemand. ESORICS’22.